The Ashford Model

The Ashford Model upholds the belief that local authorities should create a positive mindset by developing spacious homes and employment in a competitive global market.

Ashford is uniquely placed to set an outstanding example of what can be achieved - not only for its location and accessibility, but also for its can-do attitude and approach.

It is hugely successful because Ashford has insisted upon the need for high quality in both the design and build of housing. This approach is more sustainable over time and embraces the need for affordable homes and local housing needs.

The formulation of the Ashford Model could act as a benchmark for other local authorities, all drawing from their own particular skills and locational advantages.

It does not just concentrate on fostering housing growth; it is far more intelligently constructed to deliver a future that is demanding of higher quality and technical innovation.

Meet the team who put the Ashford Model into practice.

Success Stories

Quinn Estates’ Ashford Story

With Quinn on board exciting days lie ahead

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